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Custom Bicycle Frame

Custom Bicycle Frame

It's expensive, and the price/performance ratio is low. The benefit you get is probably marginal vs. the investment, but why not. It will be your bike, made for you and it's euphoric.

Why Custom Bike Frame

  • The basics about geometry (chainstay, wheelbase, fork angle) of custom build are fit to your body geometry.
  • The comfort on your bike is primarily determined by the contact points; handlebar, saddle, pedals.


The main advantage of a custom frame is that it is built to fit your geometry and not the other round. Furthermore, you can have exactly what you want on it.

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Steel Titanium
Bike_Frame_Cherubin_Steel Bike_Frame_Dean_Titanium
  • Steel, most classic frame material, has been used by framebuilders.
  • Flexibility of the material to bend and shape.
  • Adaptable material caters to cyclists' most demanding needs.
  • It offers excellent ride quality.
  •  Durable, easy to repair and maintain.
  • Titanium is the strongest, and most expensive frame materials..
  • It rivals aluminum in weight and is as comfortable as steel
  • Titanium frames are very costly to produce.
  • Hard on metalworking tools, requires specialised titanium welding rod
  • Process must be done in a controlled environment

Who will be Your Bike Builders

Logo_Cherubin Logo_DEAN

Cherubin, Japanese Craftsmanship (匠),

“There is no Compromise”

Rather than the rider looking for a compromise on the bike, he needs a "chassis" = "frame" made and tuned for each rider.

Material: SAE 4130 steel

Dean Bikes began in 1989 when two bicycle racers set out to produce the most technically advanced bikes in the world.

With this goal in mind, each and every frame is hand built using only the finest materials.

Material: Titanium 3Al/2.5V

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How To Get One?

  1. Decide what you really really want, Steel or Titanium.
  2. Make an appointment through our online form.
  3. The measurements will take approximately 30 to 45 mins.
  4. Where lite clothes. Preferably in your cycling gears. Every millimeter matters.

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